Tuesday, January 26

Jamie Noel Trips Out on Her New Dark Comedy Project ‘Two Guys & A Gal’

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The gorgeous Jamie Noel, star of such flicks as ‘Bikini Spring Break’ and Martin McDonagh’s new crime comedy ‘Seven Psychopaths’, is lining up her new horror project ‘Two Guys & A Gal’. The dark comedy will be helmed by helmed by director Glenn Miller who will be working from a script penned by Noel (below) herself who will also serve as producer alongside Joshua Mandel. Robert Parks-Valetta (‘You’re So Dead’), Liana Mendoza, Victoria Hande, David Trujillo, and Richard Tyson all co-star. Noel also recently shot for ‘Scary Movie’ co-creator Marlon Wayans’ newest horror spoof ‘Smart Ass’. Check out the plot for ‘Two Guys & A Gal’ below.

“When Kc (Jamie Noel) and Troy (Robert Parks-Valetta) have a bitter financial divorce, Kc’s best friends decide to take her on a trip that she can actually afford, an acid trip. Reality gets blurry, bitterness get messy, and anything can happen.”

The Sexy Jamie Noel

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