Monday, January 25

Join The ‘Legends of the Night’ Horror Television Anthology Campaign

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Let’s face it, the genre of horror is at an impasse.  What constitutes a good scare these days has more to do with blood and gore than it does smart and inventive stories.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for blood and gore, but what happened to good old fashion storytelling.  Truly original material is dwindling, and what’s out now seems to either cater to the Twilight or “a group of kids who make a wrong turn only to cross paths with a psycho-killer” crowd.  Everything else seems to be studios and networks caught up in rushed remakes and re-boots that simply miss the mark, leaving pure-blooded fans of the genre wishing there was something more.

Well, MORE has arrived!  Legends of the Night – a new horror television anthology series has recently launched a one of a kind grass-roots campaign promising a lot more substance than sparkling vampires and masked killers.  Creator Karl White has written what he’s calling “…the next evolution in horror entertainment.  LOTN is an intriguing revision of human history in a world where monsters and other ‘things that go bump in the night’, actually do exist.  But, the show is still in the development phase, scripts are written and I have eight seasons worth of material, now LOTN just needs a network.  The approach I’m taking now however, is a bit different, I’m asking horror fans everywhere to help get the word out and be part of the process for change.  The website was started as the initial declaration, something to give everyone an idea of the direction, with teasers I shot with some friends, added as additional content.  And an online petition, linked to the site, was started to help gauge interest.  It’s a new approach to selling a television show.  I think communicating the idea to get the word out is a great tool.  I want to be pro-active, because I feel like I have something really good and original here.  Of course I could just shop it around with the hope of someone seeing the potential, or I could walk into a meeting, shove feedback from real fans in the executives faces, and show them that it’s really time for a change.  Putting something unproduced out there is risky, I know faith is a lot to go on for the fans right now, but I promise, Legends of the Night will be worth seeing!”

So the call has been made, HORROR fans everywhere, unite and help make Legend of the Night a reality. Visit the site, sign the petition and tell your friends!

Check out theofficial ‘Legends of the Night’ website here.

And you can sign the petition over at:

'Legends of the Night'

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