Friday, January 15

Katrina Bowden Gets Possessed By New Horror Project ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

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The shoot on the latest horror project from studio The Asylum has kicked off. Yep, cameras for Jared Cohn’s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ have begun rolling in Los Angeles and the lensing is made all that more sweeter by the on camera presence of sexy ’30 Rock’ hottie Katrina Bowden (below). The movie follows a group of college kids who become possessed whilst driving past a cemetery by the spirit of an executed serial killer. Randy Wayne and Gerald Webb co-star in the Geoff Meed penned feature. Bowden has been popping up in a stream of genre projects recently including horror-comedy ‘Tucker & Dale vs. Evil’, erotic thriller ‘Nurse 3-D’ and in skinny-dipping action in tongue-in-cheek horror follow-up ‘Piranha 3DD’. ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ is set for a limited theatrical release with a quick following DVD and VOD release.

Hottie Katrina Bowden Ready to Finger You!
Hottie Katrina Bowden Ready to Finger You!

A Cheeky Katrina Bowden Up-Skirt
A Cheeky Katrina Bowden Up-Skirt

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