Saturday, January 16

Katrina Bowden Still In Her Underwear On New Cool ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ One-Sheet

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Eli Craig’s new horror/comedy ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ has a lot of things going for it. A great concept, great actors, ’30 Rock’ hottie Katrina Bowden and now a fantastic looking new one-sheet. The new Canadian poster (shown below) arrived online along with a extremely hot still of Miss Katrina Bowden which is mistakenly being touted around the web as a ‘new’ still – which isn’t strictly true as its actually been floating around for quite a few months now. But its truly worth posting once again anyway just so you lucky guys can clap your ass hungry eyes on Bowden’s perfect figure as she makes her escape in her sexy underwear. Craig helms from a script penned along with Morgan Jurgenson. Tucker & Dale are played by Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine respectively and they’re joined by Jesse Moss, Philip Granger and the gorgeous Chelan Simmons on their hilarious blood-fest. Check out the cool new poster and the ‘oldie but still a goodie’ still below. Bowden is currently bikinin shooting on ‘Piranha 3D: The Sequel’!

“Two lovable West Virginian hillbillies, are headed to their “fixer-upper” vacation cabin to drink some beer, do some fishin’, and have a good time. But when they run into a group of preppy college kids who assume from their looks that they must be in-bred, chainsaw wielding killers, Tucker & Dale’s vacation takes a bloody & hilarious turn for the worse.”

Magnolia Pictures will release ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ on VOD on the 26 August and it will receive a limited theatrical run from 30 September.

Katrina Bowden And Her Ass Make A Sexy Escape In Her Underwear
Katrina Bowden And Her Ass Make A Sexy Escape In Her Underwear

New ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ Canadian One-Sheet
New 'Tucker & Dale vs Evil' Canadian One-Sheet

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