Wednesday, January 27

Kristen Stewart Starring in ‘Martyrs’ Remake?

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Wow! What a great way to ruin yet another classic horror tale. Disturbing French flick ‘Martyrs’ (helmed by Pascal Laugier) is getting the remake treatment and producer Wyck Godfrey seemingly wants ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart (below) to take the lead role. Godfrey stated to FearNET “I think it’s not remake-able in its form for an American audience”, so I’m guessing a lot of watering down and complete removal of shock and impact such as most US-based remakes. What a joke.

Why not try and use some of this waster money to attract audiences into subtitled/international features more and you won’t have to keep wasting your time and energies revamping them for audiences who don’t care enough in the first place.

Here is the full Godfrey statement:

“I love that movie, [although]I think it’s not remake-able in its form for an American audience. But the core elements of it are fascinating. I love the cult and what it’s about, and I’m also obsessed with the nature of childhood friends — growing up when one doesn’t believe the other one and the corruption between that. I’m excited… I would love for Kristen to do it…”

My advice for those who haven’t yet seen the original go and grab yourself a copy!

Kristen Stewart Starring in Martyrs Remake

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