Monday, January 18

Kristy Swanson in New ‘Swamp Shark’ Trailer

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Sharks certainly seem to be the hot creature property to have if you’re intending to make a B-movie these days. And now its time for the still sexy Kristy Swanson (the original ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ seen below) to go tackling them down in Louisiana as the ‘Swamp Shark’ attacks. The movie also stars DB Sweeney and Robert Davi, and you can check out the new trailer below.

As terrible and laughable a lot of modern day B-movie productions can be at times they do have their certain qualities that some can enjoy. Of course online marketing goes a long way to secure that these movies tend to have any audiences whatsoever. Just take ‘Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus’. A plot and concept so ‘out there’ that you just had to hunt down the trailer and give it a watch. Demented marine life certainly sells.

“Open on gorgeous swamplands of the Atchafalaya Basin in the summer. Lots of beautiful teens are at the beach the weekend before Gator Fest. That night an animal smuggling deal goes wrong and a large sea creature escapes into a swampy backwoods river. At the McDaniel’s “Gator Shack” restaurant, a local, Jackson is drunk, and gets mangled to bits. The town sheriff blames the carnage on the McDaniel’s “escaped” pack of gators and tries hauling them off to jail. Rachel McDaniel, head of the family, claims to have seen the fin of a shark! Rachel and her family, along with the help of a mysterious stranger, Charlie, take on the Swampshark and the law to clear their names, save Rachel’s kid sister Krystal and prevent the unwitting folks at the upcoming Gator Fest from being torn to shreds by a beast the likes of which no one has ever seen!”

Naked Kristy Swanson to tackle ‘Swamp Shark’
Naked Kristy Swanson stars in 'Swamp Shark'

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