Friday, January 22

Kyra Sedgwick Joins Jeffrey Dean Morgan In Opening Sam Raimi’s ‘Dibbuk Box’

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Following reports that Sam and Dean Winchester’s daddy Jeffrey Dean Morgan (‘Supernatural’, ‘The Losers’, ‘The Resident’) has signed up to Lionsgates’ ‘Dibbuk Box’ horror project it appears that actress Kyra Sedgwick (‘The Closer’) has also now hopped on board. Mrs Kevin Bacon will play the mother of her child whom ‘becomes strangely attached to an antique wooden box purchased at a yard sale’. Morgan will play her husband. This is the long-time coming project from Ghost House Pictures which will be produced by ‘The Evil Dead’s Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Ole Bornedal (‘Vikaren’ AKA ‘The Substitute’) will be helming.

“A young girl becomes strangely attached to an antique wooden box purchased at a yard sale. Her behavior becomes erratic, and her divorced parents (Sedgwick and Morgan) get the carvings on the box deciphered and find the box contains a spirit bent on devouring its human host.”

An article published in the LA Times in 2004 by Leslie Gornstein is the basis for the story where the box gained notoriety in 2004 when it sold on eBay (multiple times) after causing inexplicable bad fortune to its owners, which was attributed to a dibbuk.

Kyra Sedgwick To Open the ‘Dibbuk Box’
Kyra Sedgwick To Open the 'Dibbuk Box'

The ‘Dibbuk Box’ is set to be opened on 28 October 2011 both here in the UK and across the US.

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