Saturday, January 16

Len Wiseman to Helm Live Action ‘Shrapnel’

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Director Len Wiseman (‘Underworld’, ‘Underworld: Evolution’) has got one hell of a busy schedule coming up. Not only has he been named to take helming duties on Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Gears of War’ adaptation, based on the best-selling video game series, but now he is taking on his second comic book adaptation (along with ‘Atlantis Rising’ by Joby Harold) in the form of ‘Shrapnel’ – the sci-fi based story by Radical Publishing.

According to Wiseman has been “nurturing the development process and seeking the rights after happening upon the title while browsing comic book stores with his 11 year old daughter.”

“I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story,” said Wiseman, who noted that the last hero he directed — John McClane in ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ — fit that archetypal mold.

The graphic novel describes a sci-fi future where humans have colonized the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets. The story focuses on Venus, the last rebellious holdout, and a self-exiled former Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight back.

As well as ‘Shrapnel’ being developed into a live action flick (with the potential to be in 3-D) there is also talk that a video game is on the cards to work alongside Zombie Studios, who co-created the property.

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