Monday, January 18

Len Wiseman’s ‘Total Recall’ Remake Eyes an Ontario Canada Production

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Remaking classic Paul Verhoeven sci-fi adventure ‘Total Recall’ is total madness in this one guys opinion, but in spite of my reservations ‘Underworld’ helmer Len Wiseman (and Kate Beckinsale’s hubby) still insists on doing it…rude! Wiseman will shoot from a script by Kurt Wimmer, who has certainly tried his hand at action sci-fi before with the likes of ‘Sphere’, ‘Equilibrium’ and the Milla Jovovich starrer ‘Ultraviolet’ already under his scribing belt. ‘Total Recall’ is based on the story by Philip K. Dick (‘Blade Runner’) and Torontonians are super excited at the decision for the action sci-fi and hopefully more scenes of three breasted mutants (below) to be shot there. Read more details below.

“‘Total Recall’ portrays a man haunted by a recurring dream of rocketing to Mars. ‘Total Recall’ is just the big budget Hollywood shoot that Ontario has been looking to draw to the city. Pinewood Toronto Studios has recently hosted movie shoots like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Thing, and Dream House. But it’s the vfx-heavy studio projects like Total Recall that Ontario has been looking to draw away from Vancouver and Los Angeles, which have been in the hi-tech soundstage business for far longer than Toronto.”

The totally ravamped ‘Total Recall’ will begin lensing in Toronto, Cananda, and not on location on Mars, next March.

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