Wednesday, September 30

Logan Marshall-Green’s ‘Prometheus’ Character Gets His Own Featurette

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Another new character-based ‘Prometheus’ featurette has landed this time shining the spotlight on actor Logan Marshall-Green (below) and his role as Charlie Holloway in the Ridley Scott helmed sci-fi epic. You have to admit that you would expect the asset train to fast be running out of steam especially as the entire feature was shrouded in secrecy in the early stages yet now seems to be openly revealing possibly too much of what we can expect from the highly anticipated project. Logan is joined by fellow co-stars Michael Fassbender (‘Eden Lake’), Charlize Theron (‘Snow White and the Huntsman’), Noomi Rapace (‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’), Idris Elba (‘The Losers’), Sean Harris (‘Creep’) and Rafe Spall (‘Shaun of the Dead’). Check out the new featurette below if you must.

“In the distant future two superpowers control Earth and fight each other for all the solar system’s natural resources. When one side dispatches a team to a distant planet to terraform it for human colonization, the team members discover an indigenous race of bio-mechanoid killers.”

‘Prometheus’ opens here in the UK on 1 June and in the US on 8 June.

Logan Marshall-Green
Logan Marshall-Green

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