Tuesday, January 19

Lohan Out, Thora Birch Joins ‘Manson Girls’

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‘Manson Girls’, not to be confused with the UK DVD release ‘Manson Girl’ (AKA: ‘Manson, My Name Is Evil’), has reportedly gone through a couple of casting and directorial changes. Susanna Lo is taking over the writing and helming responsibilities from writer Matthew Bright on this project. And Lohan is being replaced by Thora Birch (‘The Hole’, ‘Train’, ‘Deadline’). She’ll be joining pre-cast performers Heather Matarazzo, Nikki Blonsky, Erin Kelly, Jennifer Landon and Michael Monks.

“Manson Girls follows a young girl from a wealthy Malibu family who fell under Manson’s spell. She was not one the “Family” members involved in the clan’s infamous murder spree, but Pitman was later imprisoned after she became involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and was convicted of being an accessory (after the fact) to murder.”

The shoot will begin next February.

Thora Birch Joins the ‘Manson Girls’
Thora Birch Joins the 'Manson Girls'

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