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‘Lost in the Pacific’ Teaser Premieres at TIFF 2015

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The first official teaser video of Lost In The Pacific, the first Chinese 3D sci-fi adventure film, has made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Starring Brandon Routh and Chinese mega star Zhang Yuqi, Lost In The Pacific sets a story in 2020 when a group of international elite passengers embark on an inaugural luxury and transoceanic flight that later gets into a catastrophe.

The 30-second teaser shows a slew of Sci-Fi, action and futuristic elements. When a giant airplane regarded as “the Titanic in the sky” flies through the Pacific, it hits an abandoned aircraft carrier. Zhang’s character is the pilot and she has to land the aircraft on an island in the middle of the ocean. Followed by the chaos and suspenseful paranoia caused by the turbulence, the passengers soon realize it is not just an accident. The teaser also reveals that Routh’s character will need to fight for his life and a mysterious woman in army uniforms is lurking in the dark.

Lost in the Pacific’s new poster shows people drowning in the ocean, leading the audience to question, “how many survived this plane crash?” The film’s director, Vincent Zhou, then teased that, “the group of passengers are going into complex relationships interweaving with mysterious monsters, unexplainable phenomena and unpredictable death.” Main characters will not only face external threats but also internal conflicts.

With more sci-fi elements to reveal soon in October, Zhou mentioned that the monsters would not look like any other forms the audience has already seen on screen. “It is time to give western audiences something different,” concluded by Vincent. The visual effects of the film are done by UFO known for the Korean blockbuster The Host.

Aiming to give the Sci-Fi movie crowd the most thrilling experience with immersive visual and acoustical effects, Lost In The Pacific’s Oscar-winning team is currently making major effort in post-production. The film will get a world-wide release in December in 2D and 3D. In addition, it will have a 4D version for selected movie theaters. “It will be an unforgettable experience for the audience to watch the sci-fi thriller in 4D,” said Zhou, “be ready to get Lost in the Pacific.”

Back in May at the Festival de Cannes 2015, the film started the first round of sales and has garnered theatrical release deals from distributors all over the world, including India, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. The film is set for a worldwide release at the end of 2015.

Lost in the Pacific Artwork

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