Monday, January 25

‘Lost’ Season 5: Ajira Airlines Site Launched

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In preparation for the new season of ‘Lost’ hitting our screens later this month on the 21 January it appears that the mysterious Ajira Airways website has finally launched.

A strange logo presented itself in the recent Lost clip footage shown some various trailers and in the new music video for The Fray. Then an ABC site at went online.

The whole site is presented as a fake airline site, similar to how the original site played out. The new site contains a promotional airline video which interestingly includes this seasons poster tagline ‘Destiny Calls’.

For those true uber-fans of ‘Lost’ will love the collection of hidden references and tie-ins to the series. And they’ll also be scratching their heads as to what relevance this new airline has in the future of the ‘Lost’ series.

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