Sunday, January 24

Low Budget Fun in ‘Zombies vs Ninjas’ Trailer

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Arrow in the Head have been good enough to post up a new trailer for the ultra low-budget independent ‘Ninjas vs. Zombies’. Of course this isn’t the first time ninjas and zombies have been paired up on celluloid. You may recall the incredibly terrible ‘Zombie vs. Ninja’ and ‘Zombie Ninja Gangbangers’ from the 80’s and 90’s respectively.

So what’s it all about? Well…
Seven friends, struggling with late 20s, early 30’s life, find themselves in terrifying danger when a long-dead loved one is magically resurrected and starts devouring souls. To make matters worse, three of them have been granted the power of the Ninja, and now must lead the fight against a power they cannot hope to vanquish. If they fail, the undead will overrun their little town, and maybe the world.

You can check out the trailer below. – Watch more free videos


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