Saturday, January 16

‘Mad Men’ Actress Peyton List Enlists Into ‘Meeting Evil’ Adaption

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Following the trio of Samuel L. Jackson, Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb hopping on board the new adaption of Thomas Berger’s novel ‘Meeting Evil’ is appears a fourth cast member has also been named. The Chris Fisher (‘Nightstalker’, ‘S. Darko’) helmed project is due to begin shooting in a few days and the sexy ‘FlashForward’ and ‘Mad Men’ actress Peyton List (below) has signed up. Check out Miss List below as well as all the synopsis details you’ll require!

“When John (Wilson) answers a knock at his front door, he thinks nothing of giving the man outside, Richie (Jackson), a hand starting his car. John’s charitable impulses lead him to offer to guide Richie to a nearby petrol station, but he has a bad feeling about this stranger. What starts as a simple trip turns into an extraordinary journey into darkness.

Before the day is over, John will witness Richie commit violent crime after violent crime, and yet John can’t seem to disentangle himself from the dangerous lunatic. Richie, meanwhile, is desperate to explain the qualities that he believes the two men have in common and the friendship they could share.

When John arrives home at the end of this nightmarish day, Richie has fooled John’s wife, Joan (Bibb), into believing that he is a client of John’s, and Joan is busily entertaining him. John then faces the toughest decision of his life: how to protect his family and get rid of Richie for good.”

Actress Peyton List Ready To Strip Off For a Swim
Actress Peyton List Ready To Strip Off For a Swim

Shooting on ‘Meeting Evil’ is due to kick off this weekend.

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