Thursday, October 22

Man VS Killer Clown in the Funhouse of Terror

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With less than a couple more days to run there’s still time to contribute to La Vida Loca Productions’ awesome new TV series ‘Man vs Monsters’. Their unique Kickstarter campaign brings viewers into the decision making proces of the show by offering the audience the opportunity to contribute to the production. Each episode of the show will feature a uniquely themed challenge “unearthed from the terrifying archives of science fiction, horror, fantasy and myth of past and present” and allow viewers to literally vote for their favorite contestant in the episode. In other words, the audience chooses who will get scared! The pilot episode entitled “Man VS Killer Clown in the Funhouse of Terror” will play host to a sinister killer clown. The contestants have been selected and only your vote will help decide who makes the final cut!

The show comes from creator and director Jocelyn Marquis has already promised that each episode will be travelling from the furthest reaches of outer space to the depths of Hell itself. And confirming that ‘Man vs Monsters’ will be “an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, but above all frighten the contestants and viewers alike”.

Each participant comes from a different walk of life, and each of them reveal their personality through candid video interviews which you can view over on the official “MAN VS MONSTERS” website.

You can make your pledge to the Kickstarter campaign below:

The Killer Clowns are Coming

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