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Marissa Skell Opens Up About Her Character In ‘Sorority Party Massacre’ Slasher

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Those groovy cats over at Clatto Verata have had the chance to sit down with actress, and downright cutie, Marissa Skell to chat with her about he latest role as Paige (the back stabbing bitch!) in slasher flick ‘Sorority Party Massacre’. Skell shot to fame when she appeared on VH1’s ‘Scream Queens’ series back in 2008 and since then has made a number of TV appearances on shows such as Showtimes ‘Dexter’ (where she gets down and dirty in a naked sex scene) and ‘Criminal Minds’. Check out what Marissa had to say below and don’t forget to read the full interview at the link.

“I’ll be playing Paige,” says Skell “an athletic and competitive Alpha Pi Omega member with a dark side – and that’s about all I can say for now.”

Read the full Marissa Skell interview here.

“In danger of losing his badge, a big city detective agrees to aid a small town sheriff in a routine missing persons investigation only to discover that at least one girl has gone missing in this sleepy town each year for the last 20 years. When a body finally emerges on the lake and suspects literally crawl out of the hills, the two lawmen realize they’re being toyed with and to make things worse, the killers has set his eyes on the group of sorority girls at the Jack Rabbit Ranch who are not only isolated by the lake, but have their own nefarious plans in mind. Outnumbered and out of options, the two lawmen soon learn that things are not always as the seem and must solve the mystery of the missing girls before they suffer the same fate.”

Marissa Skell Goes Into Sexy Sorority Slasher
Marissa Skell Goes Into Sexy Sorority Slasher

‘Sorority Party Massacre’ arrives on 6 June 2011 (USA).

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