Tuesday, January 26

Marks Discusses An R-Rating For ‘Hack/Slash’

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Newsarama have been chatting with screenwriter Justin Marks, who has been working on the scripts for the upcoming adaptation of the horror comic ‘Hack/Slash’. Marks has suggested that he’s going for an R-rating with his take on the horror comic ‘Hack/Slash’ and while the origins of the character will be touched, the overall theme isn’t an origin tale.

“It won’t be an origin story, per se, but the origin will be covered. I think you’ll see the Lunch Lady as well as Cassie and Vlad. But we wanted to do something very different, because this is the first chance to see a slasher movie where there is more then one slasher! Because it follows a hunter, you’re going with her and her accomplice as they go from one to another, and building out the mythology of how this world works with its undead slashers. Cassie is a wonderful character, the one that Tim [Seeley] created and this is a character based movie, your going to get to know the people who are surviving or dying. I’ve been pulling lines, moments and scenes from the comics leading up to the numbered run that fans will notice.”

You can go ahead and read the full Justin Marks interview here.


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