Tuesday, January 26

Marlon Wayans Tackling Even More Horror Spoofage for ‘Smart Ass’

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Oh shit son! Marlon Wayans is returning to the realm of the horror spoof once again. However, its not any involvement with the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise that he and other Wayans brothers created back in 2000 but instead an entirely new parody called ‘Smart Ass’. The new project which Wayans will co-direct himself alongside Mike Tiddes will specifically look to spoof ‘found footage’ horror flicks from recent years such as ‘Paranormal Activity’. It’s not a bad idea at all actually but let’s hope it isn’t as disappointing as many of Marlon’s previous comedic efforts in the past few years such as the terrible ‘LiTTLEMAN’. ‘Are We There Yet?’ and ‘Half & Half’ star Essence Atkins (below) has signed up to star in the project alongside Marlon and most likely a number of other Wayans family members. Atkins herself has worked previous with Wayans in the atrocious dance movies spoof ‘Dance Flick’.

Essence Atkins Takes on ‘Smart Ass’
Essence Atkins Takes on 'Smart Ass'

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