Tuesday, January 19

Mayhem Festival: The Broadway, Nottingham

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Showcasing the bloodcurdling endeavours of horror veterans and fledgling filmmakers alike, the ordinarily cosy confines of the Broadway played host to an altogether more chilling array of cinematic revelries. Typically the favoured haunt of arthouse enthusiasts, this ultra-modern venue witnessed a choice selection of cult titles, live experiments in fear and special guest appearances. Testament to Mayhem’s ever-burgeoning reputation for innovative entertainment, Friday featured a fast-paced succession of eleven “Scary Shorts.” Despite scanty budgets and timescales, the screening proved an engrossing, bewilderingly creative success.

Vault Of Horror 2009: Scary Shorts – Friday 30th October

Captured within the picturesque grounds of local beauty spot, Clumber Park, The Soldier evoked a poignant, unmistakable aura of gloom amid an atmospheric smattering of black and white shots. A veritable feast for gothic horror fanatics, the breathtaking Séance was an aesthetically pleasing, ghoulish affair. Replete with costume drama glamour and occult intrigue, this Croatian piece bodes remarkably well for Robin Kasparik’s directorial prospects.

Opening on a disarmingly sublime scene, My Grandmother oozed blood and black comedy in equal measure, unravelling toward a macabre, riotously amusing climax. Ghoulish and unashamedly flamboyant, shadow puppet masterwork, Suck-A-Thumb crafted a literally razor-sharp cautionary tale turned wondrously sour.

My Grandmother
An unexpectedly lengthier instalment, Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders formed a pleasingly light-hearted grand finale. Rife with slapstick tomfoolery, shape-shifting demons and action movie satire, Sean Candon’s horror comedy debut prompted much amusement from the audience. Amid a barrage of carnage and profanities, gruffly spoken hero, Mark Macready was a comedic standout despite the storyline’s occasionally confused progression. 

Mark Macready and The Archangel Murders

For further details on Nottingham’s Mayhem festival, please visit: http://www.mayhemhorrorfest.co.uk/

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