Monday, January 25

Messerer Introduces His New Vampire Trilogy

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Director and writer Philip Messerer has sent across details of the first part of his new vampire trilogy. And the indie production entitled ‘Thicker Than Water, The Vampire Diaries Part 1’, a dark comedy about a family taking care of their vampire daughter, has already been picking up a number of awards.

Shot over a 3 year period the final product has already won a feast of awards including The Accolade Award of Excellence and Best Director and the B-Movie Fest.

Check out more details from the project below:

“The Vampire Diaries: part 1 – Thicker Than Water tells the story of the Baxters, an ordinary suburban family whose world is turned upside down when their youngest daughter becomes a vampire. The film boasts some stellar performances from Devon Bailey as the 16 year old angelic, vegetarian cheerleader who becomes a vampire, Eilis Cahill as her cynical Goth twin sister, Jo Jo Hristova as the old-world Bulgarian immigrant Mom and Michael Strelow as the gay neuro-scientist brother.

The film is edgy and challenging, asking the ultimate question: “what would you do for love?” The mood ranges from dark comedy to heavy melodrama to unspeakable terror. The vampire mythology is completely original as is the Goth metal soundtrack. It is also the first part of a projected trilogy with infinite growth potential.

At its essence, Thicker Than Water is a lyrical satire on American values. In this morally ambiguous time we live in, here is a story about a conservative Christian family killing to feed their vampire daughter. The themes of hypocrisy and rebellion echo throughout. The pace rivals a Hollywood action film. With three female leads it is particularly amenable to female viewership, making it a perfect date movie. Thicker Than Water is unlike any film you have ever seen, merging a proven commercial genre with Arthouse integrity.”

And for even more info you can click here for an interview with the director Messerer. And don’t forget to visit the official site.


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