Sunday, January 24

Mischa Barton and Rebecca De Mornay Set To Check In To ‘Apartment 1303’ Remake?

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Another new upcoming ghost story is Daniel Fridell’s 3-D remake of ‘Apartment 1303’. The original Japanese horror tale, of the same name, from writer/director Ataru Oikawa came out in 2007 so it was only time before an English-speaking remake would be shoved in our faces. And according to the IMDB (yikes!) the likes of Mischa Barton (below), Rebecca De Mornay, John Diehl, Julianne Michelle and Robert Blanche are all set to star in the remake. De Mornay can be seen this April in the ‘Saw II’, ‘Saw III’ yada-yada director Darren Lynn Bousman’s new crime horror ‘Mother’s Day’, which stars hotties Jaime King and Briana Evigan.

‘Apartment 1303’ is the modern ghost story which turns a love/hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Some rentals are too good to be true.

Mischa Barton Still Smoking in a Bikini
Mischa Barton Still Smoking in a Bikini

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