Wednesday, January 27

More Alien Invasion Arrives in ‘Transmission’

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The alien invasion flick is back with a bang!  First it’s the fast approaching sci-fi thriller ‘Skyline’ from the Strause brothers and now the Brits are at it with the newly announced ‘Transmission’. And a trio of Brit actors are all set to star. Bob Hoskins, Jason Flemying and Talulah Riley (‘St Trinian’s’ – below) along with Willem Dafoe will all take on the new alien invasion set during a solar eclipse.

The film, which is being described as “Pitch Black meets 28 Days Later” doesn’t currently have a director on board but helmer Roger Christian is in talks to take the reigns.

The movie is being developed by Gold Films and will arrive theatrically in 3D (much like everything else these days). No more details as yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Sexy Brit Talulah Riley Swaps her School Uniform for ‘Transmission’
Sexy Brit Talulah Riley Swaps her School Uniform for 'Transmission'

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