Wednesday, October 28

More Freaky Stuff Occurring On New ‘Apartment 1303 3D’ One-Sheet

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It’s been a little while since we bought you anything on Daniel Fridell’s new English language remake of J-horror flick ‘Apartment 1303’ but here’s a freaky looking one-sheet for the new 3D project which certainly is effective in the shit-your-pants stakes. Mischa Barton (‘Homecoming’), Rebecca DeMornay (‘Mother’s Day’), Julianne Michelle (‘Horrorween’) and Robert Blanche all star. Check out the new poster and plot synopsis below.

“While celebrating with her friends in her new cheaply rented apartment (with balcony and view of the sea) on the thirteenth floor of a building, the young Sayaka unexpectedly jumps off the balcony committing suicide. Her mother goes insane and her older sister, Mariko, decides to investigate the mysterious death of her sister. She finds that there have been many suicides of young women living in apartment 1303. She finds a book telling the tragic story of the Yukiyo and her mother, the first tenants of the apartment and uncovers the truth behind the suicides.”

Creepy ‘Apartment 1303 3D’ One-Sheet
Creepy 'Apartment 1303 3D' One-Sheet

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