Sunday, January 17

More Home Invasion Antics At A Slumber Party For The ‘Girls’

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It was announced earlier this week (here in fact) that Selma Blair and Rachel Miner had been cast into a new home invasion feature called ‘The Replicas’. Well just a mere few days later it seems that writer/director Kyle Patrick Alvarez is also planning a little home invasion flick of his own, entitled simply ‘Girls’. Based on a script penned by Adam Shazar, and produced by Peter Safran’s The Safran Company (who co-produced on the recent Rodrigo Cortés project ‘Buried’, starring Ryan Reynolds), ‘Girls’ will feature a foursome of lovely hotties being “terrorised by kidnappers”.

“The narrative is set against the backdrop of a slumber party where a quartet of girls are terrorised by kidnappers.”

“When Adam and I sat down to write ‘Girls,'” says Alvarez “we took a lot of inspiration from the ambition it took to make a movie like ‘Buried,’ so I couldn’t be more excited about getting to make a film with Peter”.

Which girls would you like to see slumbering it up in ‘Girls’ then?

Bunch of Models Make Slumber Parties Hot Again!
Bunch of Models Make Slumber Parties Hot Again!

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