Tuesday, January 19

‘Mutant Chronicles’ Director Set to Helm ‘Full Moon Fever’ Comic Adaption

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Graphic novel ‘Full Moon Fever’ as you may already know is in development to become a feature. Solipsist Films is producing the comic adaption, taken from Caleb Gerard and Joe Casey’s werewolf/space tale. Mania are reporting that British director Simon Hunter (‘Mutant Chronicles’) has been bought on board to helm the project and Joe Casey has already prepared a script for him, which was nice. Unfortunately it may be quite a slow development period on this project at the moment as Hunter is already working hard on the development stages of ‘Safe House’, starring Lena Headey (below) and Michael Ironside which is expected to begin shooting next year.

“Zeke Kirby knew being a lunar waste disposal technician wasn’t a perfect job, but it paid his bills. The downside was it took him away from his little girl, but the upside was he got to go into space. The positive was he got to play real-life astronaut, but the negative was that sewer pipes clog up faster in one-sixth gravity. So when he and his crew make a routine maintenance call to the Intercorp lunar sci-station and find it disturbingly empty, Zeke finds out fast that crap flows downhill…even on the moon. Where’d everybody go? And why are there werewolves everywhere?”

Lena Headey Heads For the ‘Safe House’
Lena Headey Heads For the 'Safe House'

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