Tuesday, January 26

Nazi Slasher ‘Final Solution’ Poster & Teaser

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Nazi’s and horror seem to be going hand in hand of late. Next to the mound is new Danish slasher ‘Final Solution’, helmed by Martin Bech. The official site is active but won’t officially launch until November 9th. But for now you can check out the posters (one of which you can see below) and also view the rather intriguing teaser trailer.

You can check out the official site here: http://www.finalsolutionthemovie.com/

“During the second World War in Nazi occupied Denmark, local fishermen helped Jews flee to the neutral grounds of Sweden. The trip was not cheap and came at an even higher price for the Landau family who where forced to leave their youngest daughter Emma behind. Here she would be hidden by her mothers friend, waiting for a chance to follow her family.

The Nazis employed fishermen of their own to ferry the fleeing Jews to a remote and hidden Extermination Camp deep in the dark forests of Sweden. This became the fate of Emma´s entire family.

As time passed, Emma grew up watching the Nazis lose the war, the powers in Europe shift and her mothers friend pass away. Never getting any news about her family´s fate, she decides to follow their trail and uncover what happened to them in Sweden. But what she and her friends found was evil beyond their wildest imagination.”

'Final Solution' Poster

The nazi/slasher flick is directed by Martin Bech from a screenplay by Bech and Carsten Rodin Hansen

‘Final Solution’ is slated for a late 2010 release. More on this as the project develops.

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