Saturday, January 16

Near Nipple on New ‘Bio Slime’ One-Sheet

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Writer/director John Lechago’s upcoming goo-fest ‘Bio Slime’ may one day get an actual release date, but for now check out the new one-sheet poster for the flick. Now I don’t personally think this one’s a patch on the previous ‘green’ style poster and it seems a little ‘blob’-like for my tastes but there is some potential of a nipple slip on the new one so I guess eveyones a winner.

You can check out both the new and old posters below. What do you think works best?

“Trapped in a room with only one door and no windows. Their cell phones do not work and no one outside of the building can hear their calls for help. The group of seven people is under siege as the shape shifting creature tries to seep inside. They are picked off one by one until it is obvious that they cannot out wait this predator. A plan is hatched to retrieve the case that the creature came in to see if it holds any clue to control it or destroy it. When they finally do get the case, the creature breaks through the room’s barriers and they have to run a macabre gauntlet through the building to the outside world.”

‘Bio Slime’ stars Vinnie Bilancio, Victoria De Mare, Ronnie Lewis, Kelli Kaye, Gia Paloma, Magic J. Ellingson, Micol Bartolucci, Al Burke and Monique La Barr.


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