Wednesday, January 27

New ‘Black Devil Doll’ Interview Online

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Shawn Lewis, former editor and publisher of Blackest Heart Magazine and the creative force behind Rotten Cotton Graphics, has spent his time working hard on a new sleazy Blaxploitation horror movie, aptly title ‘Black Devil Doll’. It’ll be heading to DVD very soon but for now why not check out an interview with the Boone Brothers (Mitch and Marty) who both worked on the flick as co-writer/fx artist and actor respectively.

You can check out the full interview over at Oddity cinema right here.

Don’t forget to check out the ultra sexy ‘Black Devil Doll’ pics that we posted up a while back. You can view them below along with the DVD artwork.

You can view more over a the ‘official ‘Black Devil Doll’ website‘. And make sure you grab a copy of the last issue of Fangoria (#278) which features the movie within it’s horror pages.


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