Tuesday, January 26

New Full Chilling Trailer For Hong Kong Horror ‘Midnight Beating’

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A new full trailer for Hong Kong horror ‘Midnight Beating’ (AKA ‘Midnight Heart’) has been revealed and has added even more intrigue into this interesting new spook story from director Zhang Jiabei. But for those non-international horror fans out there who either don’t have the patience for subtitles or can’t read will be pleased to know that this movie’s slightly different in that the film has no speaking parts as far as we’re aware, just good old fashioned sight and sounds to freak out its audience! ‘Midnight Beating’ stars Simon Yam, Francis Ng, Yao Di, Liu Yu-Xin, Yang Yuyu and Li Nian and you can check out some minor plot details and of course the full trailer below.

“‘Midnight Beating’ revolves around a patients mysterious death and ghostly goings on in a haunted hospital.”

The chilling flick will hit Chinese theatres on 24 December.

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