Tuesday, January 26

New Life Breathed into Spanish Zombie Horror ‘Perros Muerto’

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Although real time horror ‘[REC]’ ultimately moved (and was brilliantly twisted) from zombie territory into demonic possession by the arrival of ‘[REC] 2’ there’s still hope of a true Spanish zombie flick coming to fruition. It’s been a while since anythings been heard from the ‘Perros Muerto’ (AKA ‘Dead Perros’) camp, but it appears that producer Antonia Nava has signed up with Telespan 2000 and director Koldo Serra (‘Bosque de sombras’) is on board to direct. The good news couldn’t have come sooner as the project had already missed it’s planned October shoot. Spanish actor Hugo Silva (‘The Sandman’, ‘Agallas’, ‘To Hell with the Ugly’) is set to star alongside the dead.

“A small-time juvenile gangster, Cocacolo, flees south with his gang after a Barcelona bank heist. Double-crossed and abandoned in the middle of nowhere, he join forces with a Spanish family to battle a zombie outbreak, sparked by the locals’ consumption of adulterated rapeseed oil.”

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