Sunday, January 17

New ‘Monsters’ Official US One-Sheet Revealed

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“Now, it’s our turn to adapt!” states the new official US one-sheet for ‘Monsters’. The new flick written and directed by Gareth Edwards stars Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy and has been plastered with comparitives to sci-fi hit ‘District 9’. I wish we could all just move on from these thoughts but these marketing materials certainly don’t help! Yu can check out the new one-sheet below.

“Six years ago, a NASA probe landed back in the New Mexico desert containing samples of alien life – which promptly grew, proliferated and turned the southern US and north of Mexico into an alien-occupied zone. Now, a US journalist agrees to escort an American tourist back through the no-man’s land to safety.”

‘Monsters’ will arrive in the US on 29 October via Magnolia Pictures.

New Official US ‘Monsters’ One-Sheet Poster
New Monsters Official US One-Sheet Poster

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