Tuesday, January 19

New Nasty ‘Mutants’ Stills Infect Online

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New French zombie horror flick ‘Mutants’ will be arriving in France on May 6th and just in time a batch of new stills from the gory virus inflicted movie have reached the web. You can check out the 5 new stills below.

“In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, Marco and Sonia set off to find a secret base to escape from the “mutants”. When the latter attack them, Marco is contaminated too. Little by little, he undergoes the same changes. Sonia, who is expecting a baby, is then forced to fight her worst enemy, the man she loves.”

Let’s hope this little baby can impress as much as some of the other recent French horror releases.

You can check out the trailer over at Joblo right here.

No news as yet on a UK or a US cinematic or DVD release but I’m sure we’ll be hearing very soon dependent on it’s performance in French theatres.


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