Wednesday, January 27

New Oil Rig Creature Feature One-Sheet For Korean Horror ‘Sector 7’

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CJ Entertainment and JK Films have joined forces to put together a new Korean monster treat in the shape of ‘Sector 7’. The Kim Ji-hoon directed (‘May 18’) 3D creature feature is currently in post and is awaiting distribution pick up here in the UK and the US, which surely won’t be too far away. A new poster has been revealed with the first look at the new English title logo for the film (actually entitled ‘Chil gwangu’). Check it out below. ‘Sector 7’ stars Ji-won Ha (‘Nightmare’), Seong-gi Ahn, Han-wee Lee, Cheol-min Park, Ji-ho Oh, Ae-byeok Song and Ye-ryeon Cha.

“The film is about a group of workers on the Eclipse, an oil prospecting platform, being terrorized by a hostile undersea creature.”

Official ‘Sector 7’ One-Sheet
Official 'Sector 7' One-Sheet

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