Tuesday, January 19

New Posters & Fest Dates For ‘Midnight Movie’

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Jack Messitt has handed over the high res one-sheets from his latest ‘Midnight Movie’. Whats it all about? Think ‘Last Action Hero’ for the stalker generation. ‘Midnight Movie’ will be showing at a number of upcoming film festivals. Details and the posters are all below.

“Set in a suburban theater, a bunch of young people gather for the titular screening of THE DARK BENEATH, a stalker flick from the ’70s. They soon find out the hard way that its evil director/star, presumed dead in an asylum massacre, actually lives on in his own feature, and emerges from the screen to murder the kids and drag them into the film.”

‘Midnight Movie’ will be coming to DVD on 9 January 2009. There’s even whispers of a limited theatrical release coming this October. But in the meantime ‘Midnight Movie’ will be showing at the following fests…

Chicago Film Festival – World Premier!!
Sept 27, 2008
Portage Theater, Chicago IL

Shriekfest Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival
Oct 2-5, 2008
Releigh Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Eerie Horror Fest
October 9-12
The Warner Theater – Erie, PA

Escapism Film Festival
October 17-19, 2008
The Carolina Theatre – Durham, North Carolina

Deadmonton Horror Festival
Oct. 26, 2008
Metro Cinema, Edmonton, AB Canada


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