Saturday, January 16

New ‘Red State’ Poster Revealed Thanks To Australian Flood Relief Donation

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Spin Off Online were generous enough to donate $850.00 to the South East Queensland Flood Relief and were gifted with a brand new peek at the sixth poster from filmmaker Kevin Smith’s new horror flick ‘Red State’. The movie is a horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America and it stars John Goodman, Michael Parks, Kerry Bishe, Stephen Root, Melissa Leo, Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Ralph Garman and Nicholas Braun. Check out the new poster entitled ‘Mordecha!’ below and make sure you visit the South East Queensland Flood Relief link and make a much needed donation!

Kevin Smith also had the following words for Spin Off to make sure people understood what it’s all about…

“If you’re a movie website or film journalist and you want to feature this poster or use it in a story, don’t be a detail-thin dick.

Be sure to tell people WHY the poster was released: because Spinoff Online bid $850 to South East Queensland flood relief cause in less than 30 minutes.

If you also include the link for the South East Queensland flood relief in your story/article, you’re not only being a thorough journalist, you’re also helping to save actual lives – lives whose progress you’ll be able to trace via The South East Queensland flood relief website.

It only takes a few seconds longer to provide all available facts in any story.

Including THIS fact can help save a life.”

Donate now to the South East Queensland Flood Relief here.

New ‘Red State’ Character Poster
New 'Red State' Character Poster

‘Red State’ will make its debut screening at Sundance on 23 January, and according to the abover teaser trailer it should hit US theatres sometime in March.

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