Monday, January 25

New Sexy & Hot Bloodsucka Jones Images

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Maria Canapino is the star of the new horror/comedy ‘Bloodsucka Jones’. Canapino plays Vanessa, a vampire hunter, and she’s a few sexy new pics of her in a thumbs-up outfit have appeared on the ‘Bloodsucka Jones’ Pre Production photo album at MySpace. You can check out a couple of them below.

So what’s it all about? Well, Dave King was just dumped by his girlfriend but it is okay because he meets the girl of his dreams who turns out to be a vampire. Her vampire friends and family want Dave dead but she loves him. So Dave enlists the help of Tony a bumbling wannabe vampire hunter and his favorite comic book hero Bloodsucka Jones to save the day. Wacky superbitchin’ Hi Jinks ensue.

A director still hasn’t been announced as yet, but the cast is in place and joining the delectable Miss Canapino is Preston Gant, Jessica Dercks, Matt Kelly, Travis Woods, Erin Holt, Justin Armao, William Cutting, Andy Cauble, Dhanie Pappas, and Duncan Tran.

The shoot begins in Orange County, CA in the next couple of of weeks.

Maria Canapino Sexy Picture  Maria Canapino Sexy Picture

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