Tuesday, January 19

New Sneak Peek at Paul Bettany as ‘Priest’!

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Brit actor Paul Bettany is once again moving into religious realms by starring in the upcoming feature adaptation of ‘Priest’, the brutally graphic novel by South Korean artist Hyung Min-woo. Now the official website has launched we get a good glimpse of Bettany as the menacing looking ‘Priest’.

You can check out the image at the bottom of this page. Check out the official ‘Priest’ website here. Although at the moment you can only register for updates.

You can find out more about the plot of the orginal graphic novels by Hyung Min-woo below…

“Ivan Isaacs was once a priest. Devoted to his faith he would have given up anything for it. Then the establishment he believed in turned on him, sending him headlong into Hell. Now, he’s back. With the priesthood now corrupt with demons, the undead and black prayers, he has returned with the help of the demon Belial, a voice in the darkness who offered Ivan a chance at vengeance, in exchange for his soul. With his six-shooter, a bowie knife at his side and the white collar of his former life adorning his neck he is a lost pale rider in a barren wild west where past and future collide.”

‘Priest’ will arrive in theatres worldwide in 2010.

Paul Bettany in Priest

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