Friday, January 22

New Stills Arrive As ‘From the Dark’ Wraps

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Knightmare Productions is proud to announce the completion of their supernatural horror film, ‘From the Dark’. The movie is currently beginning its rounds for distribution. But we can check out a few new production stills first. See them below.

Starring Karis Bryant (‘Charmed’), Laura Bailey (‘Dragonball Z’), Jennifer Sipes (Oliver Stone’s ‘W’), Brad Hawkins (‘Shredder’) and a special appearance by Lar Park-Lincoln (‘Friday the 13th Part VII’), the story follows eight college friends who gather at a remote cabin for a weekend of drinking and fun. When a blood-covered teenage girl crashes their party, she unwittingly brings an ancient evil with her that transforms every door of the cabin from an exit to an entrance for terror. With no place to go and nowhere to hide, paranoia flares as they wait for certain death – unmerciful, bloody death – that may take everyone one of them before the morning comes.

The trailer can be viewed at

‘From the Dark’ was directed by Cliff McClelland and Tom Zembrod, produced by Tom Zembrod and Todd Jenkins, and co-produced by Jon Keeyes, featuring special digital effects by Bryan Whitaker and music by John Massari.


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