Monday, January 25

New Teaser Artwork For Jacob Cooney’s Bathtime Horror ‘Grime’

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A new teaser has been revealed by the fellas over at Dread Central for Jacob Cooney’s low-budget horror ‘Grime’. He has reportedly secured funding now and will kick off shooting on the project on 8 February 2011. A shut-in and something growing in the bathtub is the concept and you can check out a new teaser below. It shows something nasty, and what looks like hair, creeping out of the plughole. Although it’s not much different to when I need to pull out the build-up of my girlfriends hair from our tub. The flick was penned by Dave Downey and casting is yet to decided.

“Grime follows the story of a shut-in loner who becomes infatuated with an organism growing out of his bathtub drain.”

New ‘Grime’ Teaser
New 'Grime' Teaser

The shoot commences on ‘Grime’ on 8 February 2011.

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