Monday, January 25

New Teaser Trailer For Smith’s ‘Triangle’

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Brit director Christopher Smith comes off the back of two previous horror successes (well at least here in the UK). Both ‘Creep’ and ‘Severance’ have paved the way for a more ‘internationally’ aimed  horror pic in the form of ‘Triangle’. The new trailer for ‘Triangle’ has arrived online and even though the opening third of it seems to resemble ‘Ghost Ship’ a little too much it soon appears to find it’s own feet and moves into the land of sci-fi, de-ja-vu-ishnews.

You can check it out over at Joblo Video.

Melissa George stars in yet another genre pic (she does seem to stick closely to horror and thrillers) about a small group of passengers on a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who following a treacherous storm find themselves in the company of an abandoned ocean liner with strange things afoot.

Joining Melissa is Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth, Michael Dorman and Henry Nixon.

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