Monday, January 25

New Trailer For ‘The Vampire Mistress’

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As much as I’m beginning to despise vampiristic tales of late I do make some exceptions. And hot and sexy vampire ladies are that exception. A new trailer has arrived online for Harry Sparks’ ‘The Vampire Mistress’. You can check out the sweet-assed all leathered-up and lovely Nicole Leigh Vuono (who plays the lead role Lara) in action below. We’ve also included a little pic of Miss Vuono to appetise you.

You can check out the official site here for a few stills and more info.

“The Vampire Mistress is a gripping action adventure that chronicles the tale of a young woman named Lara whose life changes dramatically after she is attacked and bitten by a vampire on one fateful night. In the wake of her new found powers, Lara dedicates her new life to fighting crime and injustice.”>

Nicole Leigh Vuono is the Vampire Mistress

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