Tuesday, January 19

New Trailers for ‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp’

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‘Death Bell’ (AKA ‘Gosa’) was a huge hit in Korea back in 2008 and so of course it’s only inevitable that it should be succeeded with a follow-up. And that comes in the form of ‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp’. Two new versions of the same new trailer have appeared online and you can check them out below along with a great looking Korean one-sheet for the movie.

“Find the answer to survive! The killing game begins again. Se-hee is haunted by her step sister Tae-yeon who used to be a promising swimmer, but suddenly she killed herself in a swimming pool 2 years ago. During the summer vacation, she joins the study camp at school for upcoming college entrance exam. On the first night, the succession of cruel killings occurs whenever the students fail to answer the given questions in time. Meanwhile, the hidden truth behind Tae-yeon’s suicide is slowly revealed and terrified students struggle to solve the puzzle before they become the next victim.”

‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp’ will be released in Korea in July. No word as yet on any form of release here in the UK or stateside.

Death Bell 2 Bloody Camp One-Sheet Poster

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