Saturday, January 16

Nich Stahl and Director Announced For Natali’s ‘388 Arletta Avenue’ Project

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An obscure sales poster appeared a couple of days ago at the AFM 2010 in LA. The poster for ‘388 Areletta Avenue’ simply featured a blurry silhouette in a house with the tagline “Smile, You’re On Camera”. This is a new ‘found footage’ flick from producer Vincenzo Natali (‘Splice’, ‘Cube’) and it’s been revealed that writer/director Randall Cole will helm and Nick Stahl (‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’, ‘Mirrors 2’) will star. You can check out the poster for yourselves below.

Being billed as ‘Paranormal Activity’ meets ‘Rear Window’ does make the project sound pretty intriguing. But it’s not exactly a fresh idea is it? So let’s see what happens.

The shoot will commence later this November in Toronto with a 2011 release planned from TF1 whom have just secured distribution rights.

‘388 Arletta Avenue’ Sales Poster at AFM 2010
'388 Arletta Avenue' Sales Poster at AFM 2010

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