Monday, January 18

Nine Lives To Premiere Online This Autumn

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Fledgling production company Nemesis Cinema has announced plans for an Internet TV series, entitled Nine Lives. Production is set to begin in September, with the first episode to go online in November, continuing monthly during the show’s 13-episode run.

Succinctly described as “Catwoman meets Cthulhu” by series creator Guy Incognito, Nine Lives is set in the year 1958, and chronicles the exploits of striptease artist Kitty Devine. In the persona of her jewel thief alter-ego, La Chat, Kitty pulls the wrong heist at the wrong time, and inadvertently becomes humanity’s one hope against the slumbering alien horror known as Cthulhu.

“For those who love H.P. Lovecraft and the whole Cthulhu Mythos, you won’t be disappointed,” notes series creator Guy Incognito. “We’ll be touching on a lot of Lovecraftian lore, including Nyarlathotep, Miskatonic University, shoggoths, and, of course, Dread Cthulhu himself.” However, it’s not exactly like Lovecraft’s own brooding original work, Incognito adds. “We mean for Nine Lives to have some genuinely chilling moments- if there weren’t, it wouldn’t be Lovecraft! But it’s also supposed to be fun- very campy and quite ridiculous in spots.”

Nine Lives stars stunning Chinese/Russian indie horror actress Sofiya Smirnova as Kitty Devine/La Chat. Smirnova, who most recently appeared in The Dark Knight, is a relative newcomer, though she’s done several feature-length films in the past two years, including A Feast of Flesh and The Lower Circle. However, she’s long been a favorite on the convention circuit, widely recognized for her spokesmodeling work for such brands as Axe Body Spray and Bacardi. A former ballet dancer who has also studied bellydancing & fencing, Sofiya has the requisite physical skills for this demanding role. However, it was her sheer enthusiasm that ultimately got her the role, according to Incognito: “While the other actresses I’d talk with about playing La Chat were excited about the part, it was Sofiya who took the next step. Within 24 hours of our first conversation, she was sketching out costume designs and doing storyboards!”

The rest of the cast is an eclectic bunch. Highly-regarded jazz singer Elaine Miles appears as Lady Midnight, a sultry, leather-clad nightclub owner who is equal parts Emma Peel and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Man With No Name’. Bay Area-based rockabilly band Sick Wolf plays a trio of police detectives who aren’t quite in keeping with the Jack Webb ‘Dragnet’ tradition. And indie film actor/stand-up comedian/musician Mattzog steals scenes as Mortimer, a hunchbacked laboratory assistant with a not-so-dark secret.

More details about the cast & crew will be released shortly, including some very surprising guest stars to look for.

For more information, please visit their under-construction website here: ‘Nine Lives’ official site.

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