Saturday, January 23

October Shoot For ’30 Days of Night 2′

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Vampire sequel ’30 Days of Night: Dark Days’ (the follow up to the successful adaption of Steve Niles’ graphic novel ’30 Days of Night’) is reportedly prepping it’s shoot for the October 20th. That’s quite surprising as there appears to be a certain lack something at the moment…oh that’s right! A cast. Arrow in the Head are reporting that the B.C. Film Commission are stating that filming begins later this month and will wrap on November 24th. Melissa George returns as Stella, who joins a bunch of vampire hunters in order to kill Lilith, the vampire who was responsible for the deaths in her Alaskan town.

Robert Tapert, of Ghost House Productions, has confirmed the shoot.

Tapert says: “Ben Ketai is up in Vancouver now getting ready to shoot. I think principal photography is coming along in two weeks. It’s a really good script.”

Sexy Melissa George in 30 Days of Night 2

More news as and when it comes in. Melissa George can be soon seen in Christopher Smith’s mystery horror-thriller ‘Triangle’ which arrives in UK theatres on October 16th.

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