Saturday, January 16

Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass Bring Back the Dead in ‘Reawakening’

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If you love the likes of horror classics such as ‘Pet Semetary’ and ‘Re-Animator’ then there’s a good chance that Lionsgate’s new horror project ‘Reawakening’ will be right up your street. The Hollywood Reporter have bought news of the new feature from director David Gelb (‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’) which will see both Mark Duplass (‘Zero Dark Thirty’) and one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood at the moment…literally…Olivia Wilde -below (‘TRON: Legacy’) both lead. Based on a script by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater the flick will center on a research team that discovers a way to bring the dead to life. When the lead doctor’s daughter dies, she is given the serum, which leads to horrifying results.

The Stunning Olivia Wilde
The Stunning Olivia Wilde

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