Monday, January 25

Petition to Get FEARnet Back – New Giveaway

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As you may or may not already know, FEARnet has been dropped by Time Warner Cable. But FEAR not people as a new Facebook petition to bring the channel back already has over 4,000 fans, so let’s keep it going!

You can join right here: FEARnet Facebook Petition

And to help sustain the momentum even more why not check out this new video urging fans to stand up for FEARnet: Watch view here

In addition, a new giveaway has just launched on the Facebook petition page. Starting this week, the first 25 fans to upload video messages to the Facebook group telling Time Warner why they want FEARnet back will receive free FEARnet stuff – we’ve got hoodies, t-shirts, and messenger bags!

For more info about the current status of the situation, visit the following link:

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