Tuesday, January 26

Pizzolo To Adapt ‘Hack/Slash’ Motion Comic

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It seems Halo-8 Entertainment are continuing the success of their Matt Pizzolo helmed motion comic ‘Godkiller’ by utilising the style to adapt Tim Seeley’s great comic book series ‘Hack/Slash’. This shouldn’t be confused with Rogue Pictures’ planned live-adaption movie of the series which is supposed to arrive sometime in 2012. The ‘Hack/Slash’ motion comic movie will be based on the upcoming mini-series ‘My First Maniac’ (arriving from Image Comics), which will detail Cassie Hack’s (below) first ever case.

“‘Hack/Slash’ tells the ongoing adventures of Cassie Hack (daughter of the evil slasher known as The Lunch Lady), who rejected her mother’s murderous ways and instead devoted her life to hunting down slashers with her partner Vlad.”

It seems the motion comic adaption’s don’t stop there either as Pizzolo is also planning something similar with another of Seeley’s works, ‘Loaded Bible’. The plan is to release both of these flicks as a double feature in 2011.

“I’m happy to have my two babies in the same crib” said Seeley, “with a unique HACK/SLASH and ‘Loaded Bible’ double feature. Viewers can get their horror and sacrilege in the same lovin’ spoonful.”

“‘Loaded Bible’ takes place after nuclear Holy War has decimated North America and left it populated by legions of vampires. When humanity’s last stronghold New Vatican City is withering under the vampires’ assault, the Church gives their people a hero by cloning Jesus Christ Himself… but all is not as it seems for the Test Tube Messiah as he’s drawn into a web of betrayal, bloodshed, and seduction.”

‘Hack/Slash’ Hero Cassie Hack Feels a Bit Nippy
'Hack/Slash' Hero Cassie Hack Feels a Bit Nippy

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