Sunday, January 24

Playboy Model Camila Velasco Gets Us in a ‘Cold Sweat’ in New Trailer

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Sexy Argentinian Playboy model slash singer Camila Velasco (below) is to make her acting debut in the upcoming ‘Sudor frío’ (AKA ‘Cold Sweat’). Helmed by Argentine director Adrián García Bogliano (‘Watch ’em Die’, ‘The Accursed’), the movie has just revealed a spanking new teaser trailer that you good people can check out below. Velasco who has previously appeared topless and nude in Playboy, as well as other publications, may be revealing just as much in the new movie from the suggestive teasing she’s doing in the new trailer as she lays down undressing out of her wet clothes.

“The story revolves around a young man searching for his missing girlfriend, a search that leads him to a house occupied by a pair of cold-blooded killers and twenty-five cases of explosives dating back to Argentina’s last military dictatorship.”

Camila Velasco’s Topless Boobies Make Maths Fun!
Camila Velasco's Topless Boobies Make Maths Fun!

Camila Velasco’s Attempts at Naked Karaoke Draws the Crowds
Camila Velasco's Attempts at Naked Karaoke Draws the Crowds

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